32GI Race Sports Drink 900g Tub

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Race was designed to meet the needs of high performing athletes who require very fast energy in the form of glucose while still providing balance and stability.

Race provides the natural combination of ingredients supporting the muscles needing a faster uptake of glucose. Race is a carbohydrate rich sports drink providing immediate energy in the form of glucose during high intensity exercise. Race uses a multi-carbohydrate transporter system utilizing a combination of fast absorbing and stability carbohydrates to provide immediate energy requirements whilst maintaining balance preventing sudden drops.


• Perfectly formulated for high intensity training or racing
• Immediate energy suitable for racing or very high intensity exercise
• Blood sugar spiking when required under high intensity exercise
• Suited to high intensity performing and professional athletes
• No Artificial sweeteners, flavours or colors
• High Calorie Drink (68grams of carbohydrates per serving)
• GMO Free
• Vegan Friendly
• Compliant with WADA standards
• Gluten and soya free
• Available in 4 flavours Orange, Raspberry, blueberry and Lime.
• Kosher / Halaal Certified.

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