Azur Toddler T26 Kids Helmet 46-50cm

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Protect Your Toddler's Skull In An Azur Helmet
Everyone knows that extra-special care needs to be taken to protect very young skulls from serious injury so please make very sure that your youngsters never ride without a bike helmet on their head. The AZUR T26 HELMET is a fun, brightly-coloured helmet for toddlers to wear which will keep their skulls protected from harm in the event of a fall or crash.

Air Vents Prevent Overheating
Along with its great looks it delivers dual in-mould technology and offers a Dial Comfort Fit System along with a decent supply of air vents to prevent overheating. The lightweight AZUR T26 TODDLER HELMET is definitely the kind of protective gear any child will enjoy having on their head whenever the occasion arises.

Meets Australian Safety Standards
Making helmets light but also safe is no small task. Currently there are three main standards for bicycle helmets; CE in Europe, CPSC for North America and the AS/NZS 2063:2008 standard for Australia and New Zealand. Australian Safety Standards are among the strictest in the world which means that anyone wearing this helmet with AS/NZS 2063:2008 certification can be assured of protection as good as it comes.

• Distinctive children's bike helmet
• Protects young skulls from serious head injury
• Lightweight design
• Strong chin strap
• Dual In-Mould Shell Technology
• Dial Comfort Fit System
• Ventilation holes prevent overheating
• Meets Australian safety standards

• Brand/Model: Azur T26
• Colour: Black (w/multicolour paint splodges)
• Construction: In-Mould
• One Size: 46-52cm
• Age Range: Toddler | Child
• Gender: Unisex
• Safety Certification: AS/NZS 2063:2008, CE-CPSC-AS

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