Bikecorp MTB Handlebar Grip

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Ideal For Maintaining Bar Grip
These BC MTB Grips from Bikecorp are ideal for the rider on a budget who wants to look cool on the bike and maintain control of the handlebar at all times. If you love the look of them but don't ride mountain, don't fret, because these grips can also be used on other bike types too.

You Control Where The 'Bite' Is On Your Bars
The build of these grips involves a flexible, but tough, main body with a micro-textured outer surface for intense grip paired with a contoured, softer strip of grippy, cushioning rubber so that you can control where the 'bite' is on your bars and where the 'comfy' sections are placed. Bikecorp's BC MTB Grips are sold as a pair with plastic bar end plugs included.

• Bikecorp BC MTB Grips
• Especially suited to Mountain Bikes
• Also suitable for other bike types
• Eye-catching design
• Soft grippy rubber patch for comfort
• Tough micro-textured outer surface for intense grip
• Unique combo-pattern for added grip
• Plastic bar ends (included)

• Grip Material: Soft Plastic
• Length: 125mm
• Outer Diameter: 28mm
• Weight: 100g approx (per pair including plugs)
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