It's important for your own safety and the longevity of your bicycle to look after it with regular servicing.

Our services range from a standard Safety Check, a Wash & Degrease, to the comprehensive Silver & Gold Services. Traditional Services being ... First FREE Service, Bronze Service $89, Silver Service $139 & Gold Service $249.

Book your service below or call 9300 3536 for more specific services such as Brake servicing, Gear servicing, Wheel servicing, Bearing servicing & Miscellaneous servicing.

We offer SAME DAY SERVICING, so it's important your drop your Bike off between 9-9.30 am. Collection is between 5-5.30pm however you are always welcome to drop or collect a couple of days before or after it's scheduled service date.



DROP OFF : 9-9.30 AM

COLLECT : 5-5.30 PM