Gomier Trike 3 Speed 24"

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Gomier offers a range of good quality, well designed adult trikes. The rider position is upright and relaxed, the handlebar geometry comfortable and the gearing is suited to easy, low-speed riding. This version has 3 gears, rear drum brake and front hand brake.


  • rear drum brake
  • front wheel brake
  • non slip pedals
  • 24" wheels
  • 120kg capacity
  • Shimano 3 speed gear lever 
  • Shimano 3 speed derailleur gears
  • Locking brake levers right and left to make parking, mounting and dismounting easier
  • Large carry basket included
  • Full length chain guard included
  • Colour matched painted mudguards included
  • Complies with Australian Standards
  • Easy to get on and off.


The new 2500 Series Gomier Trikes now feature an improved frame with a lower step through. The bottom bracket shell is now positioned further forward which assists pedaling and gives a comfortable riding position.

The new saddle features a thicker steel base with twin springs and doble riveted bracket.

Three piece alloy crank and new design non slip pedal adds to riding comfort.

An adjustable alloy head stem can be adjusted to many riding positions easily.


Gomier is a world leader in manufacturing value for money adults tricycles and rehabilitation bikes. They have been producing for over 30 years and have an extensive Research & Development budget to further improve their disabilty products. Their trikes offer single, 3 and 6 speed gears in 20", 24" and 26" wheel sizes. Their special design allows the easiest of entry and exit onto a tricycle.

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