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The ALL-NEW Scott Genius!

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The ALL-NEW Scott Genius!



The new Genius applies our patented Integrated Suspension Technology. Not only does this make for a fantastic looking bike, but it also allows us to improve the bikes suspension performance. Primarily, we can engineer frames with a lower center gravity, resulting in better handling, and a more stable, confidence inspiring ride for the end user. Additionally, the frame’s construction is stiffer around the BB, which reduces unnecessary movements laterally to the direction of the shock’s travel. It goes without saying that the shock is also protected from debris and the elements, two of the main enemies when it comes to shock performance.


Setting sag and checking travel use is easier than ever before with the new Genius. An external indicator on the link allows the end user to easily set


Accessing the integrated shock is just a button away. The downtube door that is featured on all Genius models is super simple to remove - just push the button, pop off the cover and shock access is granted. The opening is quite large, making things like cable routing much easier. Additionally, removing the shock is a piece of cake. A window on the seattube gives direct access to the shockbolt.


This 29” wheel size specific frame features 150mm of rear suspension paired with a 160mm fork. The new Genius platform has been tailored to the demands of the modern trail bike. We’ve applied an intelligent application of slacker, longer and lower with an even more capable geometry than its predecessor. We wanted a Genius that continued to excelgoing up the hill, while having all the tools necessary for an even better time down to the valley floor. As is the case with many of our mountain bikes, head angle is adjustable. The bike comes with headset cups that allow you to choose between a 64 or 65 degree head angle. Carbon models are also shipped with an additional, standard 64.5 degree headset cups. With this bike’s predecessor, we already had a solid suspension platform to work with. Changes to shocks and the amount of capability expected in this category has led to an increase in progression and optimization of the kinematic.We also applied some principles from our award-winning Ransom platform. What we end up with is a classic Genius vibe perfect for all day epic’s and add to that a solid pinch of party for when the trail pointsdownward.


We’ve applied our stiffness and lightweight zone principle to the Genius. Through strategic reinforcement of certain areas in the stiffness zone, we can really maximize weight savings elsewhere. SCOTT MTB’s have always focused on stiffness to weight ratios – we want bikes that are strong but that won’t weigh you down when you’re out in the mountains. For the new Genius, this would be no different. Our goal was to have a similar framekit weight to the previous bike, but with added integration and improved frame characteristics – something we’ve achieved to great effect. Frame and hardware weigh in atonly 2295g while providing a bike that can handle the riding that big mountains throw at it.

The Genius features a 55mm chainline. Through this, we can really optimize tire clearance while not sacrificing rear end stiffness. Furthermore the all-new Genius is available in full carbon, carbon/alloy hybrids, or full alloy models. All bikes in the range benefit from the same levels of integration, the updated geometry, and incredible suspension performance.


We’re introducing the Genius in two different formats, Genius 900 and Genius Super Trail, or “ST.” Our all-new Genius 900 platform takes a tradition of versatile trail bikes and delivers a package that is ideal for any trail, any time, while the ST is tailored to more aggressive riding. While both of these bikes run the same frame layout, they have very unique characters. At the heart of both layouts is our NUDE shock platform, which has been a preeminent feature of the Genius family for over a decade. You’ll find the NUDE 5T shock on the Genius 900, and a brand-new addition to the NUDE Family on the Genius ST – the Float X NUDE from FOX. With this shock, we apply our unique in-house technologies to a platform that suites even more aggressive riding.

In terms of geometry, the main difference between both platforms is the head angle. Genius 900 comes stock with a 65-degree head angle, while the Genius ST comes in with a slacker 64 degree head angle. Now of course, with our angle adjust headset that is available on both models, you can play around with this to see what suits you best. Each version has a different approach with regards to spec, ultimately resulting in two different characters on the trail.